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Sposa dell'Isola
A narrative poem on the Trasimeno Lake

by Stefania Cavazzon

The passion for the Trasimeno Lake of a woman coming from the North of Italy. A passion that she has decided to describe in the pages of a book that's mainly devoted to the Maggiore Island.

I would be glad if my work led the readers to this island's particular incantation. My rapture for this delicious Purgatory, situated in the North West of the Trasimeno Lake, in the district of Perugia, should entice a tiny group of souls in order to populate it, not only to enjoy the stillness of an extraordinary summer stay, but to rediscover the poetic lanugage in it.
In the Maggiore Island on the Trasimeno Lake people can take a phisical rest from any kind of stress, with the lunches flavoured by the truffles or the lake's fragrance, the excellent wine, the day-dream jams, the aired baths and the walkings between water and vegetation.
The spirit too begins its subtle regeneration. It reaches the sweet effort of purification, assumes a new mysthic identity, glimpses the poetry's greatness through the simple and direct contact with the natural atmospheres, the lights and the shadows of the organic life that originates and ferments cyclically in the Island.
I met it by chance, loved it at first sight and embraced its cause.
Now, I give it back to anyone who wants to dip in it.


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