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Book of recipes of the ancient Umbrian gastronomic tradition

by Remo Rossi

A note-book/calendar in an elegant edition, realized by means of the paper once used in the grocery shops, talks about the typical cooking and the ancient traditions of this region, with particular attention for the artisan work.
It's published every year, in Italian and English language, by the Umbrian Gastronomic Association, that has its home in the ancient mill of Molanoce, in the lands once belonging to the San Faustino Benedictine abbey.
In these places, that are a part of the most hidden, mysterious and magic Umbria, where dark woods and small villages live in the middle of a silent life, we can find important abbeys and ancient Roman relics, and a group of friends, whose leading character is Remo Rossi, that gather old recipes and habits of the ancient cooking systems to describe them , year after year, to those who love Umbria and the past


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