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The Saint' s machines

"An accurate and scientifically deepened study on the tradition of the 'Pugnaloni', and generally on the permanence in vital aereas of Terni' s province of habits connected to the earth, the seasons cycle, the ways of living that stubbornly resist to the evoluted technology and the informatic generalization".
These are the words chosen by Andrea Cavicchioli, president of Terni' s Provincial Council, to describe "The Saint' s machines, Allegory and Tradition on the Pugnaloni of Allerona".
The book, written out by Professor Giancarlo Baronti - teacher of History of the Popular Traditions at the University of Perugia - in cooperation with Alessandra Seghetta, provides a detailed analysis of the celebration devoted to Saint Isidoro in Allerona, the patron saint whose cult is particularly
widespread in many rural areas.
The event, even if inserted in a very rich series of manifestations, presents specific and unique elements that confer a peculiar dimension and autonomy , due to the dominant presence of the branches and the processional trolleys named "Pugnaloni".
The book, ninth in a series dedicated to "minor" cultural goods situated on the Terni' s area, aims to reach the current meaning of a celebration tha renews itself every year in order to enable the community to express, through shared symbols, its socio-cultural asset.


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