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La Lucciolata

by Marilena Menicucci

An interesting and detailed fresco painting of the Umbrian rural world of the 50s and 60s, by means of the autobiographical narration of the daily life in Mugnano, Marina Menicucci's hometown.
Choosing the monologue in rhymed couplet, the writer reconstructs objectively a picture of a distant and disappeared past, ruled by strict laws - that the author will have to fight at the birth of her handicapped brother (in a society based on the work on the fields, disaease is compared to uselessness for the community, even if sometimes it is met by christian pity) - but also by the importance of the familiar unity and a deep symbiosis with nature and its rhytms, colours and scents that help the writer with her difficulties.
Written in an extremely simple language , but also cruel and direct in certain passages, this testimony isn' t an attempt to regret the past, but an important document from which the young people of our age have to take inspiration to improve the present and the future


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