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La famiglia Faina: tre secoli di storia

by Fabio Facchini

"It is one of the few analysis effected on Umbria that tries to reconstruct on a long-tem basis-since the 17th to the 20th century-the history of an important family, like the Fainas, that has played an important role on the political, economical and cultural life of the Region Umbria".
With these words professor Covino, teacher of Social History at the University of Perugia describes the book witten by Dr. Fabio Facchini.
The work, a valuable contribution to the Umbrian community's attempt to regain a piece of its history, isn't exclusively devoted to the reconstruction of the family's biographical notes, but enlights also the historical-cultural context where they took place.
The Umbrian tissue is rigorously analysed by the young author, that shows off a remarkable sense of the cronichleand provides new elements for the interpretation of the Umbrian history and society's history


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