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Olivagando. Oil and autumn festival

"OLIVAGANDO", a cultural event scheduled for Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November 2007,is organized by the Industry Department of the Municipality of Magione and sponsored by the Umbria Region.The event includes workshops, a conference and gastronomy stands

The conference focuses on the prospects of olive growing in the Trasimeno area, workshops and entertainment for children, a Medieval Dinner, gastronomy stands, a market-exhibition of antiques, collectors’ items, a tour of the surroundings on horseback, a Mass in honour of St. Clemens, the Patron Saints with the blessing of the new oil, an awards ceremony for the winners of an art contest, and a show for children.

Councillor for industrial activities Elio Carlani stated: "The Municipality of Magione has been organizing the “Oil Feast” since 2001, bringing together oil mills, olive tree growers and processing companies that are eager to promote oil. This event has been called ‘Olivagando’ and is rich in excellent initiatives that will act as a stage for this product and in particular for the special oil variety which is called 'la dolce agogia' , a hallmark of most of the Trasimeno countryside.

The “two-day celebration is held in concomitance with St. Clemen’s feast-day and is a confirmation of the intimate bond between culture, traditions, citizenry, community and farming"

Among the various initiatives, an event worth mentioning is the Medieval Dinner, scheduled for Saturday 24 November at 8.30 p.m. at the Castle of the Knights of Malta : In a magic Medieval atmosphere, guests will be accompanied through the prestigious halls of the castle that once also hosted Cesare Borgia.

Call 360.980085 to book for this banquet which offers a unique experience in a perfectly reconstructed medieval setting (number of seats is limited).

The “Medieval Dinner” will be held in this castle which is rich in history, charm and legends. Guests will savour dishes made from original recipes of the past to the sound of music played by the band “Laus Veris” specialized in Medieval music. This music was meant to be played only once, it was a music that accompanied “life” events like working in the fields, fighting on the battle fields, banquets, and celebrations and hence did not need to be written for posterity.

In addition the walk-ons of the "Magione Theatrical Company " will dance and offer folklore entertainment: a medley of stories, plots, love and magic.

For info call: 075.843859 and 075.8477040

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