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"You will be born an artist from Terni to Madrid"

“Life is a journey and those who travel live twice” … And this is the journey that the artists of the Taller Academy of the Prado Museum of Madrid embarked on t

This is a new European Project aimed at enhancing individual local realities and their cultural heritage, traditions and all the forms in which they express their territorial identity. The idea has arisen from the synergy between the Fine Arts Academy of Terni and the Taller Academy of the Prado Museum of Madrid.

It is evident that also these two realities have their own individuality, each with its own distinguishing features, but through this relationship their individual identities have been able to rediscover a common matrix: the rich intertwining of historic and cultural ties that is common to the whole of Europe.

This is how "You will be born an artist from Terni to Madrid" came to light, an event that falls within the context of the "European Heritage Days 2007" organized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage planned to be held on 29 and 30 September 2007.

This year’s theme is expressed by a simple, ample but unmistakeable slogan"Culture and heritage: a path towards Europe".

The purpose of the two continental days is to promote and strengthen dialogue and exchanges in the cultural field among European countries by enhancing the contents of culture and heritage, a vast, but hopefully not too demanding, goal. As the saying goes …… where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As regards the artists from Terni, it has been very rewarding to take part in this initiative because they were welcomed and appreciated by their Spanish colleagues who are particularly sensitive to the extraordinary combination of art, creativity and design. In recent years, the Terni Academy has engaged in a very intense and rewarding activity, that has not always been easy, and that is now receiving well-deserved recognition.

And now, moving from a common approach but still on the basis of their respective cultural perceptions, the Terni and Madrid Academies are ready to rediscover the century old roots of the ties that link Spain and Italy.

Indeed a solid liaison unites these two realities of Old Europe, their teaching methods have been found to be exceptionally similar: and even their school structure is similar!
All this has prompted an unexpected curiosity, to the point that the two Directors of the Academies, Igor Borozan and Francisco Molina Montero, have decided to embark on this journey to discover a common, mutual and osmotic language.

Therefore there is great expectation for “You will be born an artist from Terni to Madrid” which is not a clash nor a competition but rather a gathering of artists from Italy and Spain coming from regions – and this is another common trait - that are located in the heart of their respective Countries.

The ancient Romans used to say "Via est vita", and a way does unite Umbria and Madrid.
It is by no chance then that "You will be born an artist from Terni to Madrid" was conceived as a virtual exhibition of works by Italian and (not only) Spanish artists which unfolds like a road along which men from many ethnic realities can talk to each other.
Under the intercultural banner, some professionals come together and compare notes in artistic terms, exchanging and rediscovering similarities and diversities.
dicevano a Roma, e una via unisce allora l'Umbria e Madrid.

And, as if by magic, art interprets and conveys knowledge and just as a river carries individualities that then merge into universality, art conveys the past, merges it with the present and transforms it into future.

The exhibition can be “visited” virtually from 29th September 2007 on, and

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