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Theatre subscription tickets are now available for the Teatro Morlacchi

The subscription fee for 12 plays is a special offer and also this year there is a Loyalty Prize. There is also a bus service to and from the Theatre as well as

As of Saturday 1st September you can subscribe to a set of 12 plays from the drama season at the Teatro Morlacchi of Perugia 2007/2008 which opens on October 9 with a show featuring Paolo Poli Sei Brillanti.
The Teatro Stabile of Umbria offers excellent seats in the stalls and boxes for each of the six performances and it reminds you that the subscription to 12 plays offers best value for money, indeed, besides ensuring a fixed and better seat, it grants the right of preserving that seat for the next Season and ultimately in mere money terms it is a good deal; you can subscribe to a seat that would cost 312 euros for only 201 euros.
This year as well, the Teatro Stabile rewards its loyal customers with the Loyalty Prize , consisting in a special price that makes the subscription to 12 plays even more advantageous. The offer is open to anyone who has subscribed to the 2006/2007 or 2005/2006 season.

By filling in the form at the time of subscription, you can use the Theatre Bus Service; you are also entitled to discounts on unscheduled events and performances not envisaged in your set and to discounts on the events of the Umbrian Stagioni di Prosa organized by the Teatro Stabile; the theatre magazine, lo Spettatore umbro, will also be mailed to you; moreover, subscribers are entitled to discounts on tickets for the following museums of the City of Perugia: Pozzo Etrusco, Cappella di San Severo, Cassero di Porta Sant’Angelo, Museo del Palazzo della Penna.
Subscriptions can be purchased at the Agenzia n°2 Unicredit Banca, tel. 075/500.59.54, from Mondays to Fridays, from 10 to 13 hours and at the box office of the Teatro Morlacchi, tel. 075/57.22.555, on week days from 10 to 13,30 hours and from 17 to 20 hours.
All the plays in the playbill are listed also on the web site:

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