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Archaeological excavation at the Rocca of Spoleto

The last three months of excavation which completed the campaign that had begun in the 1980s, have brought to light the remains of a large Medieval church.

In the magnificent structure of the Rocca di Albornoz of Spoleto, the first excavation campaign which is part of the restructuring of the Sant’Elia hill is nearing completion with the creation of a park and museum on the Rocca.
Some of the walls of a large one-nave church have been brought to light which measures 40 metres by about 11 metres part of which was unearthed in the late 1980s during the excavation campaign run by the Archaeology Office of Umbria.

Prof. Donatella Scortecci, who teaches Medieval Archaeology at the University of Perugia was appointed scientific director of this project amd some 30 students from various Italian and foreign universities, including the university of Perugia, have taken part in the excavation works.
The excavations were carried out in the northern courtyard of the Rocca in two stages during the months of June, July and August.
In the first phase the soil was prepared by removing the cover material used in the previous intervention.
The second phase was more technical in that the students actually worked to bring the underground walls to light.
The project was promoted by the CISAM Foundation (Centro italiano di studi sull’alto medioevo di Spoleto) and supported by the University of Perugia, the Ministry for Cultural Heritage (Regional office for the cultural heritage and landscape of Umbria) and the Offices for Architectural heritage, the Landscape, and for the Historic, Artistic and the Wine and Folkloric Heritage of Umbria, the Cassa di Risparmio di Spoleto Foundation and the non-profit Francesca, Valentina and Luigi Antonini Foundation of Spoleto.

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