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ATTRAVERSAMENTI, A Graphics Festival

For the first time in Italy, a festival that brings together 200 designers, graphic designers, artists, schools and associations. From 13 to 16 September Umbria

From 13 to 16 September, Umbria will devote four days to graphics. A long week-end of events, meetings, conversations and seminars, besides exhibitions in various towns that will continue to the end of September.
After the 2005 edition on architecture, with papers produced by experts from across the Country, this year the theme is graphic design. This is the first time in Italy that a festival is held on this theme and that 200 designers, graphic artists, representatives of the schools and associations of the sector will come together. ATTRAVERSAMENTI will stage events in 6 municipalities of Umbria where it will bring the best of Italian graphics. Besides meeting the experts, this will be an opportunity for meeting also the “customers”, i.e. those who are the daily recipients of the various communication items produced by graphics and advertising.

ATTRAVERSAMENTI comes under the Ministry of Graphics, an association set up to promote the design culture and the profession of graphic artists. The Organizing Secretariat is provided by the Associazione Culturale Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary. This second edition, that has been promoted by the City of Trevi, has received support and comes under the patronage of professional associations like ADI, ADCI, AIAP, SDI, TURN (new design community of Turin), of Design Radar and Touring Club Italiano, besides all the Umbrian institutions.
The distinctive feature of ATTRAVERSAMENTI is that events staged throughout the Umbrian territory, with the involvement of the entire Region, and not only in one town. And Umbria was chosen as stage for this event precisely for its central position and for its hospitality and the warmth of its people.
The heart of the event will be Trevi. Besides being promoter of the initiative, the International Centre for Contemporary Art Palazzo Lucarini will also host the main exhibition, Graphics Stories, an ideal journey across the work done by 100 Italian design firms.
The event envisages a programme of meetings, workshops, presentation of books and other initiatives that lie on the border between design, culture and amusement, with Italian and international guests. We will get to know more about those who work in this field – like young magazines and independent publishers – and other interesting experiences that enrich the Italian landscape. And not only this. ATTRAVERSAMENTI is an opportunity for people to come into contact with the graphics universe in an informal manner. A series of pleasant entertainment opportunities plus the tasting of typical products that enhance quality and professionalism without being overly academic.
The exhibitions can be visited from 13 to 30 September, at Trevi and in the other municipalities, namely Città di Castello, Foligno, Montefalco, Narni, and Spoleto. At Città di Castello, the exhibition will open on September 1 in conjunction with the annual Ancient Book Fair which begins on that date.

Subject: event dedicated to contemporary graphics
Promoter: Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi
Date: 13-30 September 2007
Venues: Città di Castello, Il Quadrilatero Palazzo Bufalini (from 1 September); Foligno, Palazzo Trinci; Montefalco, Chiesa di Santa Maria in Piazza; Narni, Rocca; Spoleto, the Cloister of St. Nicholas, the premises in via Saffi; Trevi, International Centre for Contemporary Art Palazzo Lucarini, Piazza Mazzini, the St. Francis of Assisi Complex
Organized by: the Cultural Association Ministero della Grafica
Under the patronage of: the Province of Perugia, AIAP (Italian Association for the design of visual communication), ADI (Association for Industrial Design), ADCI (Art Directors Club Italiano), SDI (Sistema Design Italia)
Under the patronage of and with the contribution of: the Umbria Region, the City Council of Città di Castello, the City Council of Foligno, the City Council of Montefalco, the City Council of Narni, municipality of Spoleto, municipality of Trevi
With the cooperation of: Turn; Design Radar; Italian Touring Club

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